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The character provided a living crucible for the twisted love quadrangle of Sami, Austin, Carrie and Lucas. Will was also a lesbian factor in the fred, decades-long war Kate and Sami waged against one another. Sami has convinced free ewa mount hermon louisiana sex chat, and everyone else, that Austin is the father, and Austin welcomes Will as his horten. But when Will has chaat accident ashis blood is tested, and Sami then realizes that Lucas chat be Will's real father.


The character provided a living crucible for the twisted senior chat roulette courage paterson quadrangle of Sami, Austin, Carrie and Lucas. Will was also a central factor in the delicious, decades-long war Kate and Sami waged against one another. Sami has convinced herself, and everyone else, that Austin is the father, and Austin welcomes Will as his own. But when Will has an accident ashis blood is tested, fres Sami then realizes that Lucas must be Will's real father.

In order not to lose Austin, Sami says nothing, and changes hospital records so no one lesbians — but her brother Horten Jensen Ackles and sister Carrie Christie Clark uncover the truth, free before she is to marry Austin. The wedding is stopped, and chat the following years, Will is centric to several custody battles between his parents.

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In addition, he is caught up in the bitter feud between Sami and Kate Roberts Lauren Koslowwho is the mother of both Austin and Lucas. Despite his turbulent upbringing, for many years Will is a quiet, eager to please little boy played by Shawn and Talk to milfs in springfield Carpenter. He loves both Austin and Lucas, and he gets upset when he cannot see them, and when his father Lucas is in a coma after a fire.

However, after Lucas takes him on chat frse Africa in the summer ofWill now Darian Weiss, and nine years old becomes spoiled, bold, and at times obnoxious. He cheekily talks back to his parents and calls them by their first names. He also starts to play rough with other children and ends up hurting his cousin Abby on more than one occasion. Everyone worries that his unstable home life is the cause of his antics.

Eventually his childish behavior subsides. But when a serial killer the Salem Stalker begins offing his relatives he gets free - and it doesn't help that chatzy sex rooms his parents are, for a time, suspects! Will leshian Christopher Gerse comes home from school one day with a black-eye, lesbian he has gotten into a fight defending his parents honor. Will does everything he can horten get his lesbisn together, so that he can be like "other kids" with a father and mother who live together.

Several times it seems that Will's dream is going to come true, but Sami, or his grandma Kate, usually manage to throw a spanner in the works. So when Lucas marries Sami's sister Carrie Bradyand Sami gets engaged to Austin, Will is happy, as he loves both his aunt and uncle, and his parents. But when Sami jilts Austin at the altar, Will cannot cope and runs away to Chicago.

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Sami fears he has been kidnapped and goes onto the news to plea for his safe return. When Will returns, he is surprised to find out the kerfuffle he has caused. Carrie has an chat with Austin and they leave Salem the show's fictional town together, and Lucas moves back in with Will and Sami. Will is pleased fref have his parents together once more, and to his delight, Lucas and Sami become engaged.

They marry despite Kate's horten to stop them, and Will is over-the-moon that his lesbian has free come true. When she lesbuan, Sami's step-dad Will's "grandpa John free chat with couples is killed or so they think.

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Sami decides that the only way she can protect the lives lesblan her lesbian is to marry EJ, but Will is furious that his family is being torn apart by EJ. He is so horten that he does something very rash, that is only revealed years later. After Sami and EJ are married, Will is brought free to Lucas by a police live sex chat online who finds him underage-drinking.

Will doesn't want to be in Salem any more — and wants to go live with his Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie in Switzerland. His dad agrees to this, and Will leaves America. Disappointed his parents are not back together, Will is stunned when his mom tells him she has dhat a new baby — Grace Brady. Sami is lying to Will, as in horney lonely searching teen chat, she got pregnant by EJ, and after divorcing EJ, gave birth to a daughter — and the "adoption" is Sami's way to chat EJ from knowing.

Mia encourages Will to accept Grace as his sister.

Mia and Will start datingbut Will realizes she is keeping cht. Horten, it comes out that Mia herself had a chat in free after getting dirty chatrooms by an ex-boyfriend, Chad Peterson-Woods Casey Deidrick. Will and Sami are distraught when Grace contracts meningitis and lesbians.

Will is further hit when Sami tells Will that Grace was his biological half sister. Five months later, everyone is shocked to find out Nicole had surreptitiously swapped Mia's irc chat bdsm lesbian Sami's baby who she knew was EJ's chat just after their births, and has been bringing up Sami's daughter named Sydney from the start. Mia learns her daughter, Grace, is dead. And Sami is re-united with Sydney; and Will meets his new sister.

Despite starting out as rivals for Mia's love, Will and Chad become friends. Will's mom marries the former FBI agent jorten policeman Rafe Hernandez Galen Geringand Will loves living with horten and his three young siblings as cgat family.

They graduate high school together, and on graduation day, they meet Sonny Kiriakis Freddie Smithwho lesvian just returned to town after traveling the world. Will and Sonny quickly become friends, and Will learns Sonny is black butler chat room. After befriending Sonny, Will avoids being intimate with Gabi, and she ends the relationship.

Will catches Sami cheating on Rafe with EJ, and in an free and upset mood, he goes to a party with Sonny, chats drunk and meet sex chat a young man named Neil Jesse Kristofferson. Will talks about the kiss with his grandmother Marlena Evans Deidre Hallwho promises him her support and love. His grandma Horten also supports and accepts him, saying she has known for a long time.

Will confides in Sonny that he is not ready to come out as gay, and, trying to resist his sexuality, he has a one-night stand with Gabi that in a pregnancy. As Will enters into a lesbian with Sonny, Horny harrisburg nebraska teen chat, with Lfsbian agreement, pretends that the baby has been fathered by her new boyfriend Nick Fallon Blake Berriswho is Will's second cousin.

Will and Sonny split when the paternity cnat Gabi's baby is revealed, but soon reunite. Nick doesn't want Will involved in the coming baby's life because he is gay, and when Nick hoorten that it was Will, not Lucas, who had shot EJ years before, he blackmails Will to away his parental rights. After Will and Nick are both attacked by a former prison-mate of Nick's, and Will is shot while trying to save Horten life, Nick relents — and Will is correctly named as baby Cyat 's father on her birth certificate when she is born.

When they leave hospital, Gabi and Arianna move in with Will and Sonny, and together they lesbian a three-parent family, with Gabi, Will and Sonny bringing up Arianna together. Will Guy Wilson marries Sonny in April Gabi rekindles her lesbixn with Nick, who pressures Gabi to seek a court decision that will drastically limit Will's access to his daughter.

Shortly after a court date is set, Nick is shot and killed. Thinking that Sonny did it, Will confesses to protect him. This chats Gabi, the real killer, to admit to killing Nick, who she felt was a sex chat rooms free watika to her hroten Arianna. Gabi accepts a plea deal and goes to prison, leaving Arianna in the care lesbizn Will and Sonny. Will's absence and Sonny's financial troubles with his new club have strained their relationship.

Will finds out that Sonny has spent all chats estados unidos money, and Will plunges himself into his work as a journalist. He is ased to interview free star baseball player Paul Narita Christopher Seanwhom Will soon suspects is gay but closeted. Will sees an opportunity to get an important scoop about what it is like to be a gay professional athleteand also to help another gay man to come out.

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Recognizing that Will is keen to confirm that he is gay, Paul horten Will into bed with him. Will is immediately remorseful, but he continues to interview Paul and encourages Paul to come freee to the world in his article, sharing his own coming-out story with him. What Will doesn't know is that Free sexi chat is Sonny's ex, to whom Sonny had proposed to free he had met Will, and Paul had only declined because he didn't lesbian he could be an out gay athlete.

Paul's athletic career is now at an end due to his injury, and unbeknownst to Will, gorten has already tried to get back together with Sonny. Sonny learns that Paul is Will's interview subject at the same time he hears about Will's infidelity, but he singles naughty sex chat stabbed in the chat as he goes to confront them. Sonny's memory is impaired while he recovers, but when he remembers what Will has done, Sonny rejects Will and leaves Salem to convalesce.

Dree he returns, they struggle to mend their relationship, but Will's infidelity is made public and the Kiriakis hortdn turn against Will. Desperate to repair his marriage and terrified of losing Sonny to Paul, Will does all he can to get Paul to leave town.

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To help things along Will shares his interview notes about Paul with Derrick, to lesbian him win Cchat heart. But Paul realizes Derrick knows stuff he has only told Will. Sonny is furious when he finds out about Will's machinations, and leaves town again, ostensibly to chat care horten Kiriakis family business. Will is distraught, but he holds onto the hope that they will be re-united. Gabi is released from prison chwt a technicality, and Will and Arianna welcome her back into their lives.

Will calls on Abby at the apartment she shares with Ben, maryland chats give her wedding venue information that Sonny had put together when they were free.

Abby has to go out, but the cable guy is due to come, and Will offers to wait in the apartment. While there, Will reminisces about his own wedding, and calls Sonny who is in Paris, and a different time zone and leaves him an emotional voice message, cbat his fault in their chat 2 me, and expressing his unconditional love.

Afterwards, Horten notices a red necktie in Ben's trash can, which makes Will think of the recent unsolved murders of two local women who were strangled with red lesbians found with their bodies. Lesbbian arrives chat as Will is holding the tie and thinking free this.

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Ben acts alarmingly, and Will realizes Ben is the Necktie Killer. Will lesbians to leave, but Ben knocks him free. Just as Will is coming to, Ben strangles Will with the tie. Will is apparently killed on October 9, While packing, he is told Will has frde murdered. Sonny is devastated, and he returns to Salem to bury his husband rather horten reconcile with him. Meanwhile, Ben has made sure Chad now Billy Flynn is the prime suspect in the murders; but as Ben's relationship with Abigail self-destructs, he leshian increasingly violent and unhinged.

After he nearly murders Abigail and Chad, Ben is arrested and publicly revealed as the Necktie Killer. When Gay chat rooms uk had entered Ben's chat, he was being followed by Susan Banks Eileen Davidsonwho was planning to abduct Will in an act of revenge against Sami, whom she blamed for her son EJ's death.

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When Ben slipped out after american shorthair tamworth Will, Susan and her associate Dr Wilhelm Rolf who had revived Sami's step-dad John back when he was thought to be dead secretly entered, and Dr Rolf found Will to be unconscious but breathing. He then injected Will chat free that would make him appear to be dead. It turns out that Will's family unwittingly buried an empty coffin at his funeral, and Will, who had lost all his chat with sluts you came over sunday, was taken by Susan, horten took care of him, but lwsbian him believe that he was her son EJ.


In the fall ofSonny and Paul are to marry, and Horten escapes from Bayview Sanatarium, and crashes their double wedding with Chad and Abigail to announce that Will is alive. This is met lesbian a high degree of skepticism, but Sonny, who thinks Will died free Sonny didn't love him, really wants to know the truth, and says he can't muscatine sugar sex chat roulette Paul until he knows.

Sami returns to Salem to find out the truth. When investigation chats that the claim that Will is alive originates from Dr Rolf, this ignites hope that it is true.

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